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make-tie-stencil: bug? and optional values?

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: make-tie-stencil: bug? and optional values?
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 17:26:22 +0200


I implemented \undertie markup based on Jan's proposal.

I now wanted to use make-tie-stencil for other stuff and noticed some problems.

The local binding of slur-height, based on Jan's:

%% FIXME: c&p from
#(define (F0_1 x) (* (/ 2 PI) (atan (* PI x 0.5))))
#(define (slur-height w h_inf r_0)
  (F0_1 (* (/ (* w r_0) h_inf) h_inf)))

Though, isn't there a wrong bracketing in slur-height?

In it's:

slur_height (Real width, Real h_inf, Real r_0)
  return F0_1 (width * r_0 / h_inf) * h_inf;

Shouldn't it be?
      (lambda (w h_inf r_0)
        (* (F0_1 (/ (* w r_0) h_inf)) h_inf)))

Because my lack of C++-knowledge, I thought to better ask before
providing a patch.

The values of height-limit, ratio and angularity are hard-coded.

Any objections to make them optional, like:

(define* (make-my-tie-stencil
             start stop thickness orientation
             #:optional (height-limit 0.7) (ratio 0.33) (angularity 0.5)
(export make-my-tie-stencil)


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