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Re[2]: Clarify notation for slurs and beams (issue 343060043 by address@

From: Trevor
Subject: Re[2]: Clarify notation for slurs and beams (issue 343060043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 17:29:13 +0000
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Carl, you wrote 30/04/2018 18:16:05

´╗┐On 4/30/18, 11:04 AM, "lilypond-devel on behalf of address@hidden" <address@hidden on behalf of address@hidden> wrote:

   @ref definitely should work.  It may be that the heading for one
   of them is "Articulation and dynamics", not "Articulations and
   dynamics" - no "s".  Using @ruser bypasses the check, I think.

OK, that's clearly the issue.

Now, how should it be fixed? Should we stick with "Articulation and dynamics", even though the next menu down is "Articulations"? Or should we change to "Articulations and dynamics"? I can do either one.
Well, I'd prefer adding the "s" to the title, as long as it doesn't break other references (I don't know if there are any, but if there are any in the LM they should show up as errors in a make doc.) Documentation/scripts/auxiliar/ should check all refs for you, if it still works - it's a while since I used it.


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