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Re: Place barres on fret diagrams if they can be inferred (issue 2945700

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Place barres on fret diagrams if they can be inferred (issue 294570043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 03 May 2018 21:21:49 -0700

Reviewers: thomasmorley651,


Thanks for the great comments.

If the user doesn't want the barre to be displayed, they can avoid it by
setting fret-diagram-details.barre-type = #'none


File scm/translation-functions.scm (right):
scm/translation-functions.scm:258: (let* ((barres (make-array 0 5 4)) ;
5 fingers, 4 elements/barre
On 2018/05/03 22:28:25, thomasmorley651 wrote:
Afaik, this will be the first use of make-array in our source,
so I'd love some more explanations in the comments, especially about 5
and 4
5 is obviously the amount of possible fingers, as you stated already.
About 4: this will be filled lateron with
  from-higher-string, p.e. 1
  to-lower-string, p.e. 6

Why this order for second/third element?
I'm aware it makes no programmatical difference, but all NR examples
do it the
other way round, something like:
(barre 5 1 3) and not (barre 1 5 3)

Probably exchange those to be consistent with the NR.
Here, while doing array-set! and in the filtering-condition later.

Hmm.  I just wanted to make a range from lower string number to higher
string number, because that's the way I think about intervals.  I can't
see any problem with making it go from higher string number to lower
string number.  And I guess that consistency with the NR is not a bad
idea, even though I don't think it's essential.
scm/translation-functions.scm:278: (not (= (list-ref l 3 ) 0))
On 2018/05/03 22:28:25, thomasmorley651 wrote:
Why not use (second/third/fourth l) instead of (list-ref l 1/2/3)?

Because when I learned Scheme more than 30 years ago, first/second were
"syntactic sugar" and were frowned upon.

But I can see that for this case, first and second would be easier for
the casual reader to understand.  Good suggestion.
scm/translation-functions.scm:289: (have-fingers (not (null? (filter
(lambda (sf)
On 2018/05/03 22:28:26, thomasmorley651 wrote:
Why (have-fingers (not ...))
and as predicate in line 306 as
(not have-fingers)
Couldn't both (not ...) be deleted?

Certainly, if we changed the name from have-fingers to no-fingers.  And
getting rid of the negative logic would certainly make it easier to
understand.  Good call!

Place barres on fret diagrams if they can be inferred

Please review this at

Affected files (+65, -6 lines):
  A Documentation/snippets/new/
  M scm/translation-functions.scm

Index: Documentation/snippets/new/
diff --git a/Documentation/snippets/new/ b/Documentation/snippets/new/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000..6423346b1607b093d357df083bfd9fa727a7a9d1
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Documentation/snippets/new/
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+\version "2.19.21"
+\header {
+  lsrtags = "fretted-strings"
+  texidoc = "
+When automatic fretboards are used, barre indicators will be drawn whenever
+one finger is responsible for multiple strings.
+If no finger indications are given in the chord from which the automatic
+fretboard is created, no barre indicators will be included, because
+there is no way to identify where barres should be placed.
+  doctitle = "Barres in automatic fretboards"
+} % begin verbatim
+\new FretBoards {
+  <f,-1 c-3 f-4 a-2 c'-1 f'-1>1
+  <f, c f a c' f'>1
Index: scm/translation-functions.scm
diff --git a/scm/translation-functions.scm b/scm/translation-functions.scm
index 22f8648c31e8c0dcaacdad9a4894c6ef057bd0fc..9cd54b6ce346b594127b5ad6ba479f15cdf930fc 100644
--- a/scm/translation-functions.scm
+++ b/scm/translation-functions.scm
@@ -252,14 +252,44 @@ If the context-property @code{supportNonIntegerFret} is set @code{#t},
 micro-tones are supported for TabStaff, but not not for FretBoards."

   ;;  helper functions
+  (define (barre-list string-frets)
+    "Create a barre-list that reflects the string, fret, and finger
+entries in @var{string-frets}."
+    (let* ((barres (make-array 0 5 4)) ; 5 fingers, 4 elements/barre
+           (add-string-fret
+             (lambda(sf)
+               (let ((string (car sf))
+                     (fret (cadr sf))
+                     (finger (if (null? (caddr sf)) 0 (caddr sf))))
+                   (if (and (not (= fret 0)) (not (= finger 0)))
+                       (begin
+                         (array-set! barres 'barre finger 0)
+                         (array-set! barres fret finger 3)
+                         (if (or (> (array-ref barres finger 1) string)
+                                 (= 0 (array-ref barres finger 1)))
+                             (array-set! barres string finger 1))
+                         (if (or (< (array-ref barres finger 2) string)
+                                 (= 0 (array-ref barres finger 2)))
+                             (array-set! barres string finger 2)))))))
+           (barre-list (begin
+                        (map add-string-fret string-frets)
+                        (array->list barres))))
+       (filter (lambda(l) (and (eq? (car l) 'barre)
+                               (not (= (list-ref l 3 ) 0))
+                               (< (list-ref l 1) (list-ref l 2))))
+               barre-list)))

   (define (string-frets->placement-list string-frets string-count)
     "Convert @var{string-frets} to @code{fret-diagram-verbose}
 dot placement entries."
     (let* ((placements (list->vector
                         (map (lambda (x) (list 'mute  x))
-                             (iota string-count 1)))))
+                             (iota string-count 1))))
+           (have-fingers (not (null? (filter (lambda (sf)
+                                          (not (null? (caddr sf))))
+                                        string-frets))))
+           (b-list (barre-list string-frets)))
       (for-each (lambda (sf)
                   (let* ((string (car sf))
                          (fret (cadr sf))
@@ -269,11 +299,13 @@ dot placement entries."
                      (1- string)
                      (if (= 0 fret)
                          (list 'open string)
-                         (if finger
-                             (list 'place-fret string fret finger)
-                             (list 'place-fret string fret))))))
+                         (if (null? finger)
+                             (list 'place-fret string fret)
+                             (list 'place-fret string fret finger))))))
-      (vector->list placements)))
+      (if (or (null? b-list) (not have-fingers))
+          (vector->list placements)
+          (append (vector->list placements) b-list))))

   (define (placement-list->string-frets placement-list)
     "Convert @var{placement-list} to string-fret list."
@@ -383,6 +415,11 @@ the current tuning?"
(not (ly:context-property context 'supportNonIntegerFret #f)))
                 (ly:warning (_ "Missing fret for pitch ~a on string ~a")
                             (car pitch-entry) string)))
+        (if (and (= this-fret 0)
+                 (and finger
+                     (not (null? finger))))
+            (ly:warning (_ "Open fret on string ~a has finger of ~a")
+                        string finger))
         (delete-free-string string)
         (set! specified-frets (cons this-fret specified-frets))
         (list-set! string-fret-fingers

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