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Re: LilyDev - some questions

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: LilyDev - some questions
Date: Wed, 09 May 2018 08:05:51 +0200

Hi Peter

I'll reply quickly now, but I'll come back in the next days as soon as I have some time to do some testing.

Il giorno sab 5 mag 2018 alle 22:24, Peter Teeson <"peter.teeson"> ha scritto:
My gear: Mac Pro Desktop, Yosemite 10.10.5, VBox 5.2.10 + Guest Additions and LilyDev VM setup and runnable.

I’m familiar with VBox and VM’s. Also marginally familiar with Linux (Debian via Raspbian ->Raspberry Pi 2B)
I am working with the Contributor’s Guide for LilyPond 2.19.81

My questions:
(1) The LilyDev vdi is on a partition on one of my HD’s. The HD has EFI. The is in my ~/VirtualBox VMs/LilyDev folder on the MacOS boot drive which has EFI
      EFI is enabled in the VM

When booting the VM console shows a message saying boot failed EFI DVD/CDROM. Plus a bunch of other console messages which fly by too fast for me to capture.
     ( I don’t know where to look for the console log file)

But booting continues OK to the point of being able to login dev.

      Should I care about the console messages?

Probably you can just ignore them.
See if this article can help you to locate the log file:

I usually test these images on libvirt/GNOME Boxes. I think I got some messages on boot but never cared to investigate...

(2) Hardware Clock in UTC time is checked in VM System Settings (as is EFI) On my host machine I use a 24 hour clock display. My local time is UTC – 4 (DST).
     So for example Toronto time is presently 16:07 and UTC is 20:07.
     But LilyDev shows 22:07 on the login screen.

    Sorry but I do not how to correct this. Should I care?

Don't you have a date&time configuration in the system settings?
I'll have a look and see if I can improve this. The thing is that these new LilyDev machines (compared to the old ones) come ready to be used, without the hassle of a step-by-step installation (which on the other hand would allow to configure the system as you like). It's a trade off.

(3) I ran the Terminal and did ./ It appears to have downloaded the needed got repo’s. Looking at that script it seems I do not need to exec lily-git.tcl? (actually lilypond-git I think)

I must say I've never used lily-git so I never took it into account when I created LilyDev images.
I must have a look at it.

Anyway, you can ignore lily-git and use regular git to start contributing.

(4) The main desktop screen shows a popup about 770 updates for dnfdragora-update.

      What does this mean and what am I rto doubt it?

Wow, it's a lot! Fedora gets frequent updates even for current releases... which make me think I should rather use Debian stable for the virtual machine. There are pro and con in using either Debian or Fedora at the moment.

You can upgrade or ignore it. It's up to you.
In general upgrading is recommended.

Thanks for your feedback

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