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Re: Release schedule for 2.20

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: Release schedule for 2.20
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 14:34:55 +0200
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Am 09.05.2018 um 11:49 schrieb Malte Meyn:
Don’t get me wrong: We can be very happy to have such a committed project leader. But maybe also the other developers should join forces to

1. find out what blocks the release of 2.20.0
2. concentrate on that instead of new features.

Personally, I don’t know about 1. That’s why I added new features instead. At the moment I don’t have the time to that too but I would be happy if I could help to bring 2.20.0 out.

Hm … Is it the eight issues from the “Open (Critical)” category ( that block 2.20.0? So do we need fixes for all eight of them before anything can be released?

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