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Re: [testlilyissues:issues] Moderation action required

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: Re: [testlilyissues:issues] Moderation action required
Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 18:37:49 +0200
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I don't think we should update a release last issued 5 years ago - so no 2.18.3.

It also seems that a security problem with no reported problems actually 
happening in 5 years can be so serious to warrant rushing out a new release?

The problem is known, it is published how to exploit the problem, and it is 
really easy to write an exploit.
I really think the problem is severe enough to justify a lilypond 2.18.3 

stable/2.18 does not build on my openSuSE Tumbleweed system without a few 
patches, see issues #4814 and #4965.
Even with those patches make doc fails, but an easy fix is to default 
gs_load_fonts to true:

   diff --git a/scm/lily.scm b/scm/lily.scm
   index 9b0a6d2aad..5f565d8c07 100644
   --- a/scm/lily.scm
   +++ b/scm/lily.scm
   @@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ regression testing.")
          "Pad left edge of the output EPS bounding box by
     given amount (in mm).")
   -     #f
   +     #t
          "Load fonts via Ghostscript.")


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