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Re: Context regression tests (issue 348760043 by address@hidden)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Context regression tests (issue 348760043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 13:46:54 -0700

On 2018/05/07 23:07:36, Dan Eble wrote:
On 2018/05/07 22:53:29, Dan Eble wrote:
> stop relying on duplicating type+ID


I hope that these revisions address your concerns about the tests per

After reviewing the revised tests, I am in favor of moving back to your
original patch, with the exception of keeping the added recommendation
about issuing a warning if there are two potential matches for
descendants of a particular context.

I had not realized that the search for the known ID contexts follows
exactly the same behavior as the search for contexts without given IDs.

I think that having the context ID's helps to make the behavior clearer.

Maybe instead of using "FAIL" and "PASS" for the instrument names, it
would be better to use "ORIGINAL" when the name is first given, and then
"PARENT", "CHILD", "GRANDCHILD", "SIBLING" etc. to identify the context
that is actually found.  Just a thought that might help make the whole
suite of tests easier to understand.

Thanks for your work on this.


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