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Re: Allow use of Identity-H CMap and CID versions of Emmentaler (issue 3

From: knupero
Subject: Re: Allow use of Identity-H CMap and CID versions of Emmentaler (issue 343970043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 15:48:38 -0700
File mf/GNUmakefile (right):
mf/GNUmakefile:145: cd $(outdir) && mv $(notdir $@).otf $(notdir $@)
On 2018/05/26 15:17:09, Carl wrote:
I think there is potential confusion where the CID file has no
extension, and
just has capitalization to indicate it.  Is this a standard for
CID-keyed fonts?

ghostscript uses fontname=filename with no extension for CID replacement
fonts. In an old version of the code I used this mechanism of
ghostscript. With this version of the code the CID font is explicitely
loaded in, so almost any name might me used.

The file emmentaler-20.otf defines the non-cid font Emmentaler-20. It is
used by lilypond during generation of the ps code. We need this non-cid
font as it contains the glyph names we use in lilypond.

If during processing of the ps code contained in
ghostscript sees that the non-cid Emmentaler-20 font is used, the code
instructs gs to load the cid font. Then it used the same name
Emmentaler-20 again for the font composed from the Emmentaler-20 font
and the Identity-H CMap.
File mf/ (right):
On 2018/05/26 15:17:09, Carl wrote:
This hard-coded 9.23 seems to me to be broken in advance.

Yes, it is broken, I'll fix it. Thanks for spotting.
File ps/ (right):
ps/ lilypond-datadir (/fonts/otf/Emmentaler-11)
concatstrings (r) file .loadfont
Both and could and should be generated, yes.
This is one of the reasons why I wrote about proof of concept, not ready
for release.

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