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Re: musicxml2ly: handle hidden time signatures; support text+bpm \tempo

From: pkxgnugitcl
Subject: Re: musicxml2ly: handle hidden time signatures; support text+bpm \tempo marks. (issue 344000043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2018 10:46:02 -0700

On 2018/06/01 20:12:25, a.myltsev wrote:
> What are the scripts these 'test' dirs?

Those are actual tests for the added functionality, runnable with

> Was this a mistake?

No, I believe that these tests are individually useful, even though
not yet
integrated into the Lilypond testing system. If you prefer, though, I
can leave
them out.

Yes if you wouldn't mind, that would be better I think.

We should only be testing 'a patch' that has components that are 'push
ready' (so  to speak).

If you want to add some more 'tests' then I suggest the best way would
be to create a new tracker for them that you can start a discussion
separate from the other work you have done.

However, if these tests are integral to this work and you intend to
eventually integrate them with the other work in this patch then that is
fine too, but it wasn't clear to me.

I'll wait to see what you want to do.

Thanks for your understanding.

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