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Update the list of editors for lilypond-invoke-editor + doc improvement

From: fedelogy
Subject: Update the list of editors for lilypond-invoke-editor + doc improvement (issue 357720043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2018 01:25:13 -0700

Reviewers: ,

This is a patch following up the discussion here:

Update the list of editors for lilypond-invoke-editor + doc improvement

I've split it in two commits:

2nd commit
Doc: explain better how to set editors for lilypond-invoke-editor

1st commit
fix gedit command for lilypond-invoke-editor

Add also more editors (Atom, Geany, Kate) and
sort the list alphabetically.

Please review this at

Affected files (+33, -28 lines):
  M Documentation/usage/external.itely
  M scm/editor.scm

Index: Documentation/usage/external.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/usage/external.itely b/Documentation/usage/external.itely index 659abd27ba934d002216b614cc92573bddb07db9..789a68ccd8732a3f53e5f0799deba6c97a4cbe3e 100644
--- a/Documentation/usage/external.itely
+++ b/Documentation/usage/external.itely
@@ -54,40 +54,42 @@ supplied with LilyPond.

 The program @file{lilypond-invoke-editor} is a small helper
 program.  It will invoke an editor for the special @code{textedit}
-URIs, and run a web browser for others.  It tests the environment
-variable @code{EDITOR} for the following patterns,
+URIs, and run a web browser for others.  It looks up the environment
+variables @code{EDITOR} and @code{LYEDITOR} to find out and launch the
+favorite editor to use.  @code{LYEDITOR} will have priority over
address@hidden, so we recommend using the former especially if you want
+to use one editor in the terminal and another editor for LilyPond point
+and click.
+Every editor may have a different syntax to open a file in a specific line
+and column.  For user's convenience, LilyPond comes with ready commands
+for several editors, listed in @file{scm/editor.scm}.  This means that
+you can simply write the editor binary name, e.g.:

address@hidden @code
address@hidden emacs
-  this will invoke
-emacsclient --no-wait address@hidden:@var{column} @var{file}
address@hidden example
address@hidden gvim
-  this will invoke
-gvim --remote +:@var{line}:address@hidden @var{file}
+export LYEDITOR=atom
 @end example

address@hidden nedit
-this will invoke
+and this will invoke
-  nc -noask address@hidden @var{file}'
+atom %(file)s:%(line)s:%(column)s
 @end example
address@hidden table

-The environment variable @code{LYEDITOR} is used to override this.  It
-contains the command line to start the editor, where @code{%(file)s},
address@hidden(column)s}, @code{%(line)s} is replaced with the file, column
-and line respectively.  The  setting
+where @code{%(file)s}, @code{%(line)s} and @code{%(column)s} are replaced with
+the file, line and column respectively.
+In order to use an editor not listed in @file{scm/editor.scm}, you should
+find its specific syntax and assign the full command to @code{LYEDITOR}.
+Here's an example for Visual Studio Code editor:

-emacsclient --no-wait +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s
+export LYEDITOR="code --goto %(file)s:%(line)s:%(column)s"
 @end example

-for @code{LYEDITOR} is equivalent to the standard emacsclient
address@hidden you choose Emacs, an extra configuration is needed.  You should
+add the line @code{(server-start)} to your @file{~/.emacs} file, otherwise
+every click on an object in the PDF will open a new Emacs window.}

 * Using Xpdf for point and click::
Index: scm/editor.scm
diff --git a/scm/editor.scm b/scm/editor.scm
index f0132a03d2980c64b09035fa3405c1c437ee73bd..2289a0fbf01eb09be8126eb6eee473ca113ee7b0 100644
--- a/scm/editor.scm
+++ b/scm/editor.scm
@@ -135,14 +135,17 @@ See Info node `(elisp)Security Considerations'."

 (define editor-command-template-alist
- '(("emacs" . "emacsclient --no-wait +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s || (emacs +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s&)")
+  '(("atom" . "atom %(file)s:%(line)s:%(column)s")
+ ("emacs" . "emacsclient --no-wait +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s || (emacs +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s&)")
+    ("geany" . "geany --line %(line)s --column %(column)s %(file)s")
+    ("gedit" . "gedit --wait %(file)s +%(line)s:%(column)s")
     ("gvim" . "gvim --remote +:%(line)s:norm%(column)s %(file)s")
-    ("uedit32" . "uedit32 %(file)s -l%(line)s -c%(char)s")
-    ("nedit" . "nc -noask +%(line)s %(file)s")
-    ("gedit" . "gedit +%(line)s %(file)s")
     ("jedit" . "jedit -reuseview %(file)s +line:%(line)s")
+    ("kate" . "kate --block --line %(line)s --column %(column)s %(file)s")
+    ("lilypad" . "lilypad +%(line)s:%(char)s %(file)s")
+    ("nedit" . "nc -noask +%(line)s %(file)s")
     ("syn" . "syn -line %(line)s -col %(char)s %(file)s")
-    ("lilypad" . "lilypad +%(line)s:%(char)s %(file)s")))
+    ("uedit32" . "uedit32 %(file)s -l%(line)s -c%(char)s")))

 (define (get-command-template alist editor)
   (define (get-command-template-helper)

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