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Re: Add and use a Transform data type (issue 344970043 by address@hidden

From: dak
Subject: Re: Add and use a Transform data type (issue 344970043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2018 01:48:31 -0700
File lily/include/transform.hh (right):
lily/include/transform.hh:52: Transform (Offset p0)
On 2018/06/20 22:30:07, Dan Eble wrote:
Do you want to allow implicit conversion from an Offset to a
Transform?  If not,
this should be "explicit".

File lily/ (right):
lily/ if (Transform *tp = unsmob<Transform>
On 2018/06/20 22:30:07, Dan Eble wrote:
You've cleaned up a lot, but this recurring optionality could probably
improved.  Maybe a function would help:

     Transform make_transform(const Transform *t)
         return t ? Transform (*t) : Transform ();

You could also do it as a constructor, if you prefer its syntax and
don't mind
implementing yet another one:

     explicit Transform(const Transform *t) ...

I merely suggest.

A constructor/function from Transform * seems like a side track when the
only use case is conversion from SCM.  A constructor avoids an extra
copy (but I think C++19(?) or so already states that returned classes
are to be considered initializers rather than temporaries).  But it
would seem weird to have a constructor/convertor that silently takes a
non-Transform SCM value to an identity transform.

What would your favorite be here?  It's not like this pattern occurs
often enough (yet) to really require something here or right now.

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