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Macport version of lilypond: problem with ghostscript

From: Jean-Julien Fleck
Subject: Macport version of lilypond: problem with ghostscript
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 14:54:03 +0200


I'm currently reinstalling a new MacOS computer from scratch and use
MacPorts to access plenty of unix programs including lilypond. Problem is
that the current version coming with MacPort (along with all the
dependencies) seems to produce corrupted PostScript files that ps2pdf is
unable to convert (and even gv can't open).

It was working on my last computer so I decided to upgrade only lilypond to
see if it's the last version that has a problem. Unfortunately, it upgraded
plenty of packages (including all texlive packages and ghostscript) so that
I can't really track which one is faulty (and I can't just jump back to a
working system which is by far the most annoying).

I found a related active ticket on MacPort posted two months ago but
nothing seems to have changed since then:

Here is a minimal example (

\version "2.18.2"
\include ""
clarinette = { do }
\new Staff {
    \clef treble

The output with the --verbose switch is attached to this message together
with the produced file which seems corrupted.
Alongside, my LaTeX installation seems to be working fine.

Thanks for any help,

JJ Fleck
Physique et Informatique
PCSI1 Lycée Kléber

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