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Re: Non-quadratic form of whiteout

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: Non-quadratic form of whiteout
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018 09:44:49 -0400

Hi Urs,

> Am I getting something wrong here: why are you asking about intermediate 
> points? Aren't we only interested in the whiteout around the outer edges?

Consider the letter O, with 'outline #'(5 . 0). It’s easy to see that the 
thickness on top (at the "N" compass point) is 5 units, and the thickness on 
the right (at the "E" compass point). But we need to determine the thickness at 
the "NW" (45º) compass point — that requires interpolation between 5 and 0, 


Kieren MacMillan, composer
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