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Re: First separator for subassignments must be '.' (issue 341490043 by a

From: dak
Subject: Re: First separator for subassignments must be '.' (issue 341490043 by address@hidden)
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2018 10:19:45 -0700

Reviewers: thomasmorley651,

On 2018/10/03 16:56:27, thomasmorley651 wrote:
Even without your patch one can do:

part.1,1 = "foo"
part.1,2 = "bar"
part.1,3 = "buzz"
part.2,1 = "xx"
part.2,2 = "yy"
part.2,3 = "zz"
part.3   = "whatever"

#(format #t "\n\"part\" contains:\n~y\n" part)
#(format #t "Example call in guile: \"1\" of \"part\":\n~a" (assoc-get
1 part))
#(format #t "\nExample calls with ly-syntax:")

%% Working:
\void \displayScheme \part.2,3
\void \displayScheme \part.3

%% Causing errors:
% \void \displayScheme \part,1,1
% \void \displayScheme \part,1.1
% \void \displayScheme \part.1.1

I wasn't aware you can create nested lists with this syntax, already.

If I understand correctly your patch will disallow a first comma,
forcing a dot
Will it force the comma as second separator?

No.  The errors you get for 1.1 are because 1.1 is a real number.  If
you write those 1 . 1 (not sure whether you can omit one or the other
space) they will work fine as well.  Enforcing stuff beyond the first
dot/comma would make the grammar more complex and I don't see that we'd
accomplish anything by that.  It's possible if it irritates people but
would then also sacrifice \part.2,3 .  I don't know whether that would
ever be a problem, though.

First separator for subassignments must be '.'

This pares down syntax supported since issue 4790 to match the allowed
usage from issue 4797.  Permitting ',' here seemed particularly

Please review this at

Affected files (+0, -5 lines):
  M lily/parser.yy

Index: lily/parser.yy
diff --git a/lily/parser.yy b/lily/parser.yy
index fe3b0927d638362e31623f4e2a995d83057904ec..5ba51786fa42091c33df1014483cb030ea21fe47 100644
--- a/lily/parser.yy
+++ b/lily/parser.yy
@@ -696,11 +696,6 @@ assignment:
                parser->lexer_->set_identifier (path, $5);
                 $$ = SCM_UNSPECIFIED;
-       | assignment_id ',' property_path '=' identifier_init {
-               SCM path = scm_cons ($1, $3);
-               parser->lexer_->set_identifier (path, $5);
-                $$ = SCM_UNSPECIFIED;
-       }
        | markup_mode_word '=' identifier_init
                if (scm_is_false (Lily::markup_function_p ($3)))

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