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Re: Export to MusicXML

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: Export to MusicXML
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 08:05:27 +0200
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Hi Alex,

you're very welcome! And I'm always open for questions and discussions
about the code. For general questions you should use the list so that
others can join or at least follow the discussion. (I think Urs said so
already). If we get to the point where direct communication is
reasonable we can also exchange jabber, skype, slack or signal contacts.


Am 16.10.18 um 20:13 schrieb Alex Roitman:
> Thank you Jan-Peter!  This looks really promising, and I’d love to contribute.
> I’m only vaguely familiar with Scheme so I’ll probably take a bit of time to 
> get my hands dirty with that.  Would it be OK to bug you with questions every 
> now and then? Is this list a good place, or should I just email you 
> privately?  I promise I won’t abuse your kindness :-)
> Alex
>> On Oct 16, 2018, at 2:04 AM, Jan-Peter Voigt <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hello Alex,
>> you don't have to apologize for this question! It comes up every now and
>> then, but has not been answered satisfyingly yet. My answers to your
>> questions are:
>> 1. Yes
>> 2. I wrote a rudimentary engraver-based solution last year which is
>> waiting for clean-up and completion to support MEI, MusicXML, Humdrum,
>> LilyPond (!) and any other format for which an export-module with a
>> defined API exists.
>> The code in the project is able to export a MusicXML-File for a simple
>> lilypond-score. The resulting files are not always correct/functional so
>> this is more sketch of the idea. The base is an engraver that fetches
>> and collects events and on score-finalization calls the specified export
>> module with this (normalized) music collection.
>> The collection is some scheme-structure, but should probably be better a
>> normal LilyPond music-expression.
>> Just a little piece of something ;-)
>> HTH
>> Jan-Peter
>> Am 16.10.2018 um 06:49 schrieb Alex Roitman:
>>> Hello,
>>> I apologize in advance if this was already asked and answered on this list. 
>>>  I’m looking into exporting some of my lilypond music into the MusicXML 
>>> format. All I could find so far was the python-ly package that attempts to 
>>> translate ly files into MusicXML.  It has some issues that could be fixed, 
>>> and some that I don’t think could be so easily fixed, e.g. whether or not 
>>> to place accidentals, beams, and so on.
>>> It seems to me that the nature of the MusicXML format is such that in can 
>>> only be correctly written when the music is interpreted in context.  Which 
>>> is what lilypond does.  So I’m guessing that the right way to go about this 
>>> is to create a new Translator, alongside Performer and Engraver, that 
>>> instead of midi/graphical objects just dumps XML.
>>> Finally, here are my questions:
>>> 1. Does this seem like a right approach?
>>> 2. Was this ever attempted and is there any work left that one can continue?
>>> Thanks in advance for any help!
>>> Alex

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