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Re: Turkish makam using

From: Adam Good
Subject: Re: Turkish makam using
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 14:51:56 -0400

Torsten and everyone greetings,

RE: the key signatures for Turkish makam, I've made definitions for about
91 different makams like Rast, Hicaz, Segah, etc. These definitions are in
the file, attached. We need each makam's key signature to:
1. look as they do in standard print (there are good reasons why some
accidentals are included while others not)
2. be fully transposable because, why not, that's why we're here :)

For 89 of the 91 key signatures defined, there are no problems which is

But so far for only these makams:

I have issues in that the tonic of these makams is a microtone. In standard
Turkish notation, "fb" which is "f" 4k sharp
We need
\key fb \bestenigar

However, we don't want the "fb" accidental printed in the key signature.
Bestenigar needs a key signature that looks like saba which have a tonic of
"a" in Turkish notation. We DO want "fb" accidental printed in the score.
And we need it to be able to transpose... if we want
\key bfc \bestenigar

We don't want bfc in the key signature BUT yikes, we do need a bfk in the
key signature because

Attached is a shortish example showing that Rast and Segah transposition
works great and shows bestenigar and revnaknuma with the fb in the key
signature with two examples of what Bestenigar and Revnaknuma should look

Would it be simple enough to tell lilypond:
"if the key signature is bestenigar or revnaknuma, don't print the tonic's
accidentals in the key signature. DO print them in the score.

The example needs and to work.

Thank you ahead and I hope I've presented everything clear enough.


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