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Re: Turkish makam using

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: Turkish makam using
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2018 20:45:11 +0100

> On 1 Nov 2018, at 18:37, Adam Good <address@hidden> wrote:
> This works though technically it is a cheat. If, for whatever reason one
> wanted to transpose the tonic of bestenigar from fb to c, the key signature
> will print c4k flat which is of course inaccurate. Why anyone would want to
> lock an important microtonal pitch like IRAK to C, I don't know other than
> to say you can. What do you think? Considering it's only happening for two
> makams I'd be willing to let it slide.

I think that they do not write the key signature of bestenigar, but decide to 
omit some accidentals. Historically, the key signature is used to simplify 
notation, not necessarily to indicate the scale. So, for example, in A major, 
one can use the key signature of D or G major.

So just write the key signature of bestenigar to include all its notes so that 
it shows up properly when transposed. Having an accidental in the first scale 
degree is likely to cause confusion when transposing.

Then use something special when some accidentals should be omitted: A key 
signature of another mode, or some special code, what you deem fit best.

> Still I wonder and as a self admitting (and envious) non coder, wouldn't it
> be possible to do add a conditional statement in the makam file:
> %%%
> if the makam is either besteniger or revnaknuma
> then do TorstonsMod
> else just be normal
> %%%
> Again, anything like that or even being able to understand Torston's code
> is beyond my skills. I wish! Just a musician.

He didn't post the code, I think.

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