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Re: New LilyPond contributor: Basia Mroczek

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: New LilyPond contributor: Basia Mroczek
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 00:17:02 +0100


czw., 22 lis 2018 o 13:58 Torsten Hämmerle <address@hidden>

> Welcome, Basia, and
> welcome back, Janek!
> Good to see young people joining the flock. :)
> @Karlin:
> Basia is a Polish affectionate/familiar form of Barbara.
> It is pronounced "Basha", similar to Masha or Sasha, just with a B in
> front.
> "Bahsa Mrotchek" would probably be the anglicised spelling, with "otch"
> like
> in "crotchet".

"Mrotchek" is quite close, but the given name is much harder: "sh" is not
the sound that's supposed to appear there. I think it may not be present in
English - fortunately I've found a good sample pronounciation:

As for me, I'd say "Yaneck" is what you should aim for (but I'm not going
to try this for the family name :p)


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