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Re: New LilyPond contributor: Basia Mroczek

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: New LilyPond contributor: Basia Mroczek
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 10:15:21 +0100
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Am 23.11.18 um 00:08 schrieb Janek Warchoł:
czw., 22 lis 2018 o 00:21 Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>> napisał(a):

    I suggest to start with setting up a build environment (on GNU/Linux
    box or in a virtual GNU/Linux machine) so that changes to C++ code,
    Scheme code, and documentation can be easily done.

Yeah, we're working on that. :)

czw., 22 lis 2018 o 00:29 Urs Liska <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>> napisał(a):

    Janek has created a set of very useful scripts.

Whoah, I almost forgot them :p
So, you're still using them?

Unfortunately not. I really used them because it's so convenient to maintain multiple builds from different branches or commits. However, since Guile 1.8 isn't available anymore on my systems I haven't managed to set up a build environment anymore ...

    Maybe this would be the
    opportunity to adapt them so they can also be used on systems with
    custom-compiled Guile 1.8.8?

Interesting, AFAIR they're just bash scripts. Is there anything to adapt?

Yes, they are just bash scripts. And probably it's trivial to change them but still I found them pretty confusing and didn't manage to track it down. Essentially because your scripts made it unnecessary for me to actually learn about the invocations.

The problem is that on (most modern Linux) systems it is necessary to use a self-compiled version of Guile (if you're not actively investigating support for Guile 2), and that of course it's necessary to adjust the compilation commands.

I think it would be worth updating these scripts, at least the build-lilypond one (I never used the script to pull in all the dependencies because I think it makes too many assumptions. Instead it's rather easy to do that by hand). Maybe it would be a good idea to somehow make them available in the general LilyPond developer's toolkit?

For others to comment on the latter suggestion: Janek's build script provides an interface where you don't build LilyPond from the actual repository. Instead it makes a lot of sanity checks (providing some configuration), then clones the development repository to another directory and starts the build from there. Of course this uses significant disk space but you have a convenient and clean interface to manage multiple builds in parallel (you then can register them as independent LilyPond versions in Frescobaldi, for example).



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