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Wikimedia Commons request for comment on musical notation files

From: jc86035
Subject: Wikimedia Commons request for comment on musical notation files
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:56:17 +0800

Hi all,

I'm a Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons editor (User:Jc86035 
<>). Earlier in November I 
opened a request for comment 
 on Wikimedia Commons, proposing that several musical notation file formats 
(originally MuseScore, LilyPond and MusicXML) become uploadable on Commons, 
with the intention of eventually allowing audio and scores of some or all of 
the file types to be shown in pages like Wikipedia articles. (The MediaWiki 
software already has Extension:Score 
<>, based on LilyPond and 
Fluidsynth, but there are various benefits to allowing music notation to be 
stored as files. Currently notation is shown in Wikipedia articles as images or 
PDFs, or used directly through the Score extension.)

Your feedback on which file formats Commons should support would be much 
appreciated; several developers have already provided input. Currently, in 
addition to the aforementioned formats, the discussion is also evaluating MNX 
and MEI (of which the former doesn't exist yet; it's not clear to us how these 
two formats would interface and if supporting both would be redundant). If 
you've never edited a Wikimedia site before, anyone can create an account and 
participate in the discussion. (If discussion continues on the mailing lists I 
will link to new posts, although it would be preferable to have discussion all 
in one place.)


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