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Re: Fixx #3314 : use superscript for powerChordSymbol (issue 348060043 b

From: dak
Subject: Re: Fixx #3314 : use superscript for powerChordSymbol (issue 348060043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 05:31:54 -0800

message: On 2018/12/13 12:26:07, Valentin Villenave wrote:
File ly/ (right):
ly/ <c g>1-\markup { \super "5" }
On 2018/12/13 11:32:34, dak wrote:
> The way this is arranged currently, it reads jarringly.

I agree, there are a few things that look quite bad: among others,
\partialJazzMusic should be rewritten (and its use is hardly
there’s a TODO line 534 in chord.itely that should be addressed;
Documentation/included/ should be entirely
rewritten by
taking advantage of predefined exception lists rather than duplicating
lots of
stuff; "banter-chord-names" isn’t documented anywhere and looks
anyway; and there are a bunch of regtests that have been scrapped over

Since I don’t know much about all of these and was reluctant to open
particular can of worms, I was merely aiming for the low-hanging
fruits here :-)

Putting the change up where it does not look out of place _is_
low-hanging fruit.  The reason this was kept the way it was most likely
is because the change looked out of place.  Moving it among its kind
would fix that.  That's a maintainability issue making the difference
between people daring to touch things and not (as it has proven to be by
the long history of the issue if nothing else).  So I don't really get
the "we could do more, so let's do less" argument here.

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