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GUB - touch regtests/ignore ???

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: GUB - touch regtests/ignore ???
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 22:27:51 +0100


I tried to join the party about GUB.
So far I have a successful 'make bootstrap'

As a next step the CG says:
Once this has completed successfully, you can build the LilyPond
release package. However, this uses an archived version of the
regression tests, so it is better to download this first. Download the
test output from (you will need to replace 2.15.33-1 with
the latest build):

Ok, I've done it, for the 2.19.82-regtests. Now the CG recommends:
Copy the tarball into ‘regtests/’, and tell the build system that you
have done this:

touch regtests/ignore


There is no folder in GUB called "regtests", so I've created one and
inserted the regtest. Trying the next command, i.e.:
[gub (master) ] $ touch regtests/ignore
touch: cannot touch 'regtests/ignore': no such file or directory

Well, obviously I didn't do things correctly, but what _am_ I supposed to do?


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