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Re: fundamental problem with gub's regtest tarball

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: Re: fundamental problem with gub's regtest tarball
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 11:50:13 +0100
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On 20.12.18 11:33, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
Hopefully the latest fixes by Werner will work.. I'm now testing his
branch on LilyDev 0.3, recently released.
FYI, he means my pull request at
Now merged

 On openSUSE Tumbleweed (VERSION_ID="20181218") and ubuntu 18.04 "make 
lilypond" still fails with current gub master.

To be more precise: On ubuntu 18.04 for the following commands do not succeed:

   bin/gub tools::python                logfile target/tools/log/python.log
   bin/gub freebsd-64::python           depends on tools:python
   bin/gub freebsd-x86::python          depends on tools:python
   bin/gub linux-ppc::python            depends on tools:python
   bin/gub linux-x86::python            depends on tools:python
   bin/gub mingw::python                depends on tools:python

   bin/gub tools::fontconfig            logfile target/tools/log/fontconfig.log
   bin/gub tools::imagemagick           broken: depends on tools:fontconfig

   bin/gub darwin-ppc::guile            all broken, generation of 
libguile/scmconfig.h fails,
   bin/gub darwin-x86::guile            logfile target/darwin-ppc/log/guile.log
   bin/gub freebsd-64::guile
   bin/gub freebsd-x86::guile
   bin/gub linux-ppc::guile
   bin/gub linux-x86::guile
   bin/gub mingw::guile

   bin/gub darwin-ppc::lilypond        obviously all fail because of broken 
   bin/gub darwin-x86::lilypond
   bin/gub freebsd-64::lilypond
   bin/gub freebsd-x86::lilypond
   bin/gub linux-ppc::lilypond
   bin/gub linux-x86::lilypond
   bin/gub mingw::lilypond

Feel free to ask for the log files ...


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