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adding other numbering systems to the LilyPond TAB score function

Subject: adding other numbering systems to the LilyPond TAB score function
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 17:47:50 +0000 (UTC)

 I've looked over the Learning manual and found the custom tabulatures note on 
page 331 answered my question as to how a clef/TABstaff was generated. I was 
interested to see that LilyPond has predefined string tunings for violin, 
viola, cello and DB. I'm anticipating that the numbers on the TABstaff are the 
'fret' numbers, for the violin/viola/cello, similar to the mandolin fret 
 I'm hoping that the numbers used for unfretted string instruments could be 
altered to match the system I'm using. The pitch of each note and string 
remains the same but my system avoids the fret number problem on the 
violin/viola/cello; one where the TAB fret numbers have no practical reference 
for students gaining accuracy in finger placement.
The numbering system for the violin/viola, treble/alto clefs I've developed 
uses 0-4 to indicate what fingers of the left hand are used. The open string 
note uses the numeral 0. The 1 fret is indicated by the number 1 and what looks 
like a 0 exponent with it because the 1st finger is placed close to the nut of 
the instrument where the "Open" position is. The 2nd fret is given the number 1 
(for the first finger), the 3rd fret is given the number 2 with an exponent 
1(meaning that it is the 2nd finger near [in front of] the 1 finger position) 
the 4th fret is given the number 2 with the exponent 3 (meaning the 2nd finger 
is placed behind the 3 finger position), the 5th fret is given the number 3 
alone. The 6th fret is a 3 with the exponent 4 added to it. The 4th finger (7th 
fret) plays the same note as the next string.This does limit the use of this 
numbering system to the Open and First finger positions however, by the time my 
students have mastered all the Open keys they have the technical skills to more 
quickly pick up the shift to clef only score reading.
 I use three strips of tape on the fingerboard of their violin/viola or cello 
at the 1st finger position, the 2nd near the 3 finger position and at the 3rd 
finger position.
The numbering system above is placed on a 4 line TAB score. The treble and alto 
clef are used as the music line above each TAB line for later reference and 
initial theory introduction for violin and viola. These numbers then provide 
direction for what finger goes where on the fingerboard.  The Cello bass clef 
version of the TAB line uses only the numbers 0-4, not requiring the exponent 
looking number.

Could a version of LilyPond be adapted so that the string orchestra instruments 
could use the alternate numbering systems described above for the same note 
pitches and positions on the fingerboards.
I look forward to any comment the LilyPond development community can provide, 
particularly where the code section is located for the TABscore numbering 
systems. I hope to be able to add my violin, viola and cello numbered TAB 
versions to what LilyPond can provide or find a code maker who could insert the 
specific adaptions to the TABscores I am discussing.
Blaine Matthew ScottSistema Huronia music teacherMidland ON Canada

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