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Re: linker error: DSO missing from command line

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: linker error: DSO missing from command line
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 11:00:41 +0100
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Am 08.01.19 um 10:47 schrieb James Lowe:
Hello Malte

On 08/01/2019 8:22 am, Malte Meyn wrote:
Hi list,

in a clean repository (in a branch based on current origin/master) I did the following:

$ ./

not ./ --noconfigure? (I don't know what this does but it is what I do for out of tree builds)

Uhm … you’re right. I added --noconfigure and forgot to mention it here (I followed the CG to be sure I did everything right).

Anyway if I follow your steps but just add --noconfigure it all works for me.

Unless anyone else can spot what is going on, perhaps output from your .configure run might give some clues?

See attachment for the full output of ../configure after cleaning up the config files and running

./ --noconfigure
mkdir build
cd build

I don’t know what to look for but there is no error message or something else that caught my eye …

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