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Re: guilev1/2 musing

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: guilev1/2 musing
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 01:10:24 +0100

Am Do., 24. Jan. 2019 um 22:47 Uhr schrieb Karlin High <address@hidden>:

> Work has been done towards having LilyPond able to use Guile2. Any
> comments on the value of continuing those efforts?

Hi Karlin,

I'd like to adress this question from my own point of view.

I think we have only two possibilities: migrate to guilev2 or fork guilev1

Actually some distros provide lilypond with guilev2 already, applying
patches from the 'guile-v2-work'-branch.
The result is insufficient, to say the least.
So we should continue migrating-work.

But that does not exclude the possibility of our own guilev1-fork. All
patches in master dealing with incompatible guile-versions have a

So the two possibilities condens to: migrate to guilev2, but don't
make guilev1 impossible.

Over the years some people worked on the topic - speaking only for
myself, I think all low hanging fruits are done.
So I'm running out of knowledge to continue work and I don't have the
time to do the needed lessons to get that knowledge...


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