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Emacs lilypond mode

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Emacs lilypond mode
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 18:07:54 +1100

In relation to the current thread I started in the user list about emacs
lilypond-mode, I find it frustrating that the indentation mode is so
incapable, and messes up my code very quickly (in terms of indentation
levels), yet Frescobaldi handles it splendidly.

David Kastrup has suggested that somebody™ should rewrite the mode. I think
I am going to try to be somebody™, or at least an aspiring somebody™. At
David's suggestion, the GNU Emacs SMIE Simple Minded Indentation Engine
looks like a good place to start. For this I need the BNF grammar for
Lilypond. Where does one find that?


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