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Re: Please test gub

From: James
Subject: Re: Please test gub
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 19:22:51 +0000
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On 28/01/2019 12:53, Knut Petersen wrote:
Hi everybody!

I created a branch in my gub repository  that contains plus pull requests 53-60. Therefore it is pretty easy to test if that version of gub succeeds to build current lilypond master on your machine.

All you need to do is to execute the following commands:

   git clone -b DevelHead
   cd gub
   mkdir regtests
   cd regtests
   touch ignore
   cd ..
   time make lilypond

Even on a fast computer 'make lilypond' will take some hours to complete.

If downloading of a source archive fails because of some network problem restart 'make lilypond'.

You'll need some free disk space ... about 20 GB is a minimum.

Please report success / fails with os / version / cpu info.


I'd like to help here if I can.

However at home I am on metered internet and it appears that after make lilypond it starts to download files? Can you tell me approximately how large the data that will be downloaded is - speed of download isn't an issue, just the amount.

Also, I assume we can use the same make -jX CPU_COUNT=X parameters to help speed up things?

Finally - in case I am being stupid, I don't follow the GUB threads in detail - I obviously have all the reqs to build LP and make doc etc. So apart from this git repo is there anything else I need to have installed?



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