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Re: Add a procedure to add slashes to Beams and straight Flags (issue 56

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: Re: Add a procedure to add slashes to Beams and straight Flags (issue 562550043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 11:02:04 -0700

On 2019/03/10 17:08:33, Valentin Villenave wrote:
On 2019/03/10 13:37:42, thomasmorley651 wrote:
> Oversights

Greetings Harm,
looks good; much better than the hack I had previously suggested about
However, you’re using a somewhat similar approach (although much more
fine-tuned) by overriding the stencil rather than creating an
independent grob
for the slash; therefore some of the objections from Neil and Carl may
apply here:

I personally have no objection about it, though.


Hi Valentin,

I considered creating a Slash-grob, but I think it would have been even
more work. ;)
Furthermore, if it would be up to me I'd do it in scheme. C++ would be
better, I suppose, though C++ is out of my depth.

Doing a stencil-override I feel much more to be in my league.

Ofcourse beams in acciaccatura are now always slashed, as requested in
#1333. This is a design-decision and ofcourse we have appoggiatura.
I added a plethora of possibilities for customizations. If the settings
of the slash and current Flag/Beam will cause bad output, a warning is
done, with a hint what to do. It now deals nicely with changed
fontsizes, as far as I can tell.
So I'm pretty sure it (mostly) does what is promised.

I wrote 'mostly' because there is a little inaccuracy. See one of the
TODOs in slash-stencil. Any hint here would be great.

I'm more concerned about the coding style.
I do Flag and Beam in one go, would it be better to split it in a (cond
(Flag ...)(Beam...) (else ...)) ?

Btw, I stumbled over it while patching straight-flag. There is/was a
function doing such slashes. It was a poor one, only for straight flags,
and buggy as soon as unusual angles were provided for straight-flag.
Though, straight flags are similar to beams in some regard. Thus the
attempt to do all in one.

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