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auto Patchy-staging merge will no longer be running

From: James
Subject: auto Patchy-staging merge will no longer be running
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 20:19:08 +0000
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Some of you may not not know but I have had a 'server' of some shape or form set up in my plane of work that, every hour, checks our git staging branch for any new commits and then, on discovery, merges it/them to master - keeping everything in sync.

However, due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to stop this server and I am no longer able to offer the 'auto merging' service (aka Patchy Merge) anymore.

I and other devs can (and have) merged staging manually - from our laptops - when we can, but as of today there will be no 'auto merging' running on my side.

So if you see staging ahead of master for a longer time than normal, then it probably isn't because of a compile error but because someone needs to just run the 'merge script' (which can be found in lilypond-extra repo).

Patch testing and Patch emails will carry on as normal, just not during UK office hours (i.e. early morning or late in the evening unless I am on holiday) so again, if you don't see a patch being tested in a timely manner, don't panic I'll get it to eventually.

Thanks for your understanding.


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