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Re: GSoC in contemporary notations

From: Tsz Kiu Pang
Subject: Re: GSoC in contemporary notations
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 18:16:56 +1100

On Mon, 1 Apr 2019 at 18:04, Urs Liska <address@hidden> wrote:

> This is directed at the other devs, to (please) join the conversation
> Am 01.04.19 um 08:30 schrieb Tsz Kiu Pang:
> I just have some concerns.
>> Sorry I might have overestimated myself in the past week, but I realised
>> I might not be able to commit for 30+ hours per week during May since I am
>> in Australia, the exams are usually in May-early June.
>> In general "full time" commitment is expected throughout the official
>> coding period, and we can't make substantial exceptions. However, a) the
>> coding period only begins May 27, the "bonding period" is explicitly not
>> included in the full-time commitment. b) it is possible to circumvent the
>> issue by starting earlier. I have no idea about your workload during and
>> before exams, but if you should be accepted (which is announced May 6) and
>> are able to do *some* work in May (not full-time) that would otherwise be
>> part of your work in June that should be OK. When exactly would your exams
>> be over? What would be your estimate for being able to do *something* in
>> May?
> Although it is hard to predict exactly what would be my workload in the
> next couple of months, I can say I would be able to commit 8-10 hours per
> week once I've got accepted.
> Though I have just realised I was mistaken before, that my exams is from
> 11th to 28th June. I can still commit 8 hours per week during that time.
> However, considering that it is way into June, I am not sure whether that
> will fit into the GSoC timeline.
> Worst scenario is that, I might just try to apply for GSoC next year when
> I have less study load.
> To make things clear for those who have not been following closely: What
> Tsk Kiu is saying is that he expects being able to
>    - commit 8-10 hours per week during the bonding period when he isn't
>    officially required to spend specific working time yet. So these would be
>    "additional"
>    - commit only 8-10 hours during a three week period within the
>    official project time
>    - [and of course the actual situation during exams is not fully
>    predictable]
> And not to mention that, from 29 July onward, I will only be able to
commit ~16 hours per week.
Though, I can commit ~38 hours per week during from 28th June to 29th July.
Unless this is still fine, I think it is probably a better idea for me to
apply next year when I can have a lighter study load.
And I must apologise to Urs for taking up your time in the past couple of

> What do you make of this?
> Best
> Urs

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