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Re: stack smashing detected

From: Karlin High
Subject: Re: stack smashing detected
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 12:22:20 -0500
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On 4/25/2019 5:14 AM, Thomas Morley wrote:
Background: I'm exploring whether it would be feasable to draw higher
order bezier-curves, splitting them in cubic ones.

I'm aware Urs already did some work in this regard, though his
approach was different, iirc.

Threads from September 2016...

"Compound Slurs"

"What to do with wanting a 4th order Bezier"

Somewhere in there, I remember Urs Liska had LilyPond producing the Sorabij Clavicembalisticum slur, as well as others that resembled my 5-year-old's work with Microsoft Paint.

Or was all of that the "different approaches" that are not aligned with the efforts in this thread?
Karlin High
Missouri, USA

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