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Re: New function css-color (accompanying x11-color) (issue 570690043 by

From: git
Subject: Re: New function css-color (accompanying x11-color) (issue 570690043 by address@hidden)
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2019 12:32:47 -0700

Reviewers: thomasmorley651,

Please do *not* review this patch anymore, it has (for some reason that
is surely my fault) been replaced with so please review *that*...

New function css-color (accompanying x11-color)

I was asked if LilyPond could support choosing colors by their CSS name,
which I found a reasonable wish.

This commit makes make-x11-color-handler generic and specifies
a new function css-color. From this it would be easy to also add further
namespaces and color lists.

CSS colors are case insensitive, so this commit also provides support
this. Incidentally, a warning is now issued when the requested color is
not defined (instead of *silently* falling back to black).

Only warn about missing color when necessary

Merge pull request #6 from rettinghaus/dev/urs/css-fonts

add named colors from CSS Color Module Level 4

Rename x11-color.scm to color.scm

With the previous commit adding `css-color` the file `x11-color.scm`
should be
rename to the generic `color.scm`.

add named colors from CSS Color Module Level 4

Define function css-color (accompany x11-color)

It should be possible to specify colors using the CSS names in addition
the X11 names.

This commit makes `make-x11-color-handler` generic and adds a function
What remains to be done is (of course documenting and) filling in the
~140 colors.

Please review this at

Affected files (+165, -718 lines):
  A + scm/color.scm
  M scm/lily.scm
  D scm/x11-color.scm

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