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Re: 2.20 release roadmap

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: 2.20 release roadmap
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2019 07:23:32 +0200
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Am 20. September 2019 02:23:58 MESZ schrieb Carl Sorensen <address@hidden>:
>We are stuck for release because GUB is not working properly.  Until we
>get GUB to work properly, we cannot make a release.
>As far as I know now, the answer is in fact indefinite.

But is that the actual roadblock for the *2.20* release, not just *any*? I 
mean: once that's solved, there was discussion about another 2.19 release, but 
would that also mean 2.20 can be immediately released?

Of course it's futile since I can't help much, but it would becreally great to 
have a "stable" release by January . We'll have the music engraving conference 
in Salzburg (that Werner announced  a few days ago), where we expect other 
software to be presented too. It would be awkward - to put it mildly - to talk 
about our program that hasn't seen  a stabke release in six years bx then ...


>On 9/19/19, 6:14 PM, "Andrew Bernard" <address@hidden>
> I do hope this is not seen as impertinent, because it is not intended 
>that way. It's curious that I have asked the question about 2.20
>more than once and each time received no reply (unless lost in my
>Most projects will give some sort of indication about future releases. 
> If the indication for lilypond is simply 'indefinite' that's alright, 
>    but I would be keen to know.
>    Andrew
>    On 18/9/19 1:44 pm, Andrew Bernard wrote:
>    > Hello All,
>    >
>    > I asked the same on the user list, but no response. Is there any 
>> roadmap as to when 2.20 may be released? Are there any plans to do
>    >
> > I KNOW we are very under-resourced. I'd very much like to help with 
>> the development but I regret to say I have never been able to wrap my
>> mind around the lilypond source code and how it all works, so I can't
>    > contribute, although I would very much like to. For some reason, 
>> despite experience in software, I personally find it very opaque. But
>    > that's just me.
>    >
>> As always, sincere thanks to those who do work on this amazing
>    >
>    > Andrew
>    >
>    >
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