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Re: Python 3

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Python 3
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2019 11:20:31 +0200 (CEST)

>> So, I offered to do the 2->3 port a long time ago but circumstances
>> prevented me from doing so. Would it be constructive if I launched
>> into that aspect?

Yes, definitely.

> I've also started looking into this and used the branch
> dev/knupero/lilypy3devel as a starting point (see also 


> On top of that I've worked on the attached patches which brings the
> make targets check / test and doc back to life with Python 3.7.4.
> Maybe they can be added to the branch mentioned above to serve as a
> single source of truth?  I know the third patch is pretty large, let
> me know if I should try to split it up...

I hope Knut will do that soon.

Regarding patch size: I suggest that you group mechanical changes into
separate patches, for example all changes related to

  / → //



could be two patches.

`git add -p' is your friend to do that conveniently.

> As I'm pretty new to the development of Lilypond, I'm not really
> sure if there's something else to do in the source code repository
> itself?  I'm pretty sure I didn't get to run through all error
> branches in all scripts, but the targets mentioned in the
> documentation work for me right now.  If not, sounds like working on
> GUB would be next?

Getting acquainted with GUB is certainly very helpful.  You might also
look up the various issues in the bug tracker; maybe you find
something that interests you.


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