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Updating makeinfo

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Updating makeinfo
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 13:51:49 +0100

I've not used my Ubuntu 14 lilypond computer for a while, and I'm now trying to help update the example images on the website. If I run configure I'm being told my makeinfo is too old - I've got 5.2 and it requires 6.1. I can't run the GUI updater because it just tells me there's an update to Ubuntu 16 and if I don't upgrade, but just click OK it exits. If I run sudo apt-get install texinfo it tells me I have the latest version. If I download the texinfo 6.1 tarball, extract it, and run configure. make and make install it does stuff, but makeinfo --version from my build directory still say I have 5.2.

Anyone with any suggestions for getting and installing 6.1?

Phil Holmes

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