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Wrong \version statements in LSR snippets

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Wrong \version statements in LSR snippets
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2019 08:21:45 +0200 (CEST)

Using the brand-new `MySQL::Dump::Parser::XS' module from CPAN (with
some additions by me :-) I can now access the LSR sqldump directly
(file `lsr-XXXX-XX-XX.mysqldump.gz' in directory, updated daily) without using any
MySQL tools, converting it to a readable text dump with about 30 lines
of Perl code – I will extend this soon to generate the snippet files
directly so that we have full control over the HTML to texinfo
conversion in the documentation parts.  This will eventually improve
the formatting of snippets in the LilyPond manuals, since the current
conversion of HTML tags to corresponding texinfo features is very
limited.  For example, the `<pre>' HTML tag used in some snippets
isn't handled at all.

While doing some first checks on the dump I found that two snippets
contain `\version' statements newer than 2.18.2 (actually, snippets in
the LSR shouldn't contain a `\version' statement at all).  Here's the
complete list.

  888: 2.18.0
  951: 2.18.0
  970: 2.21.0 !
  975: 2.18.0
 1054: 2.18.2
 1063: 2.18.2
 1064: 2.18.2
 1065: 2.19.80 !

Maybe this should be fixed in LSR?  In particular, it should be
checked whether the two snippets asking for newer versions do
correctly compile with the lilypond version used for the LSR (i.e.,


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