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Re: lilypond does not work with Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: lilypond does not work with Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2019 21:38:17 +0200

> On 8 Oct 2019, at 09:57, Maria-Angeles Casares-de-Cal via lilypond-devel 
> <address@hidden> wrote:
> For the attention of the Lilypond Developer Team:
> Lilypond is an remarkable app, but now Lilypond does not work with the new 
> Mac operating system (macOS 10.15 Catalina).
> Will we have news soon of the new Lilypond (64 bits) to work in macOS 10.15?

It seems that the MacPorts version can be run if installed before the MacOS 
update. It cannot be updated, though, but hopefully a new MacPorts version will 
come soon enough.


First install MacPorts on MacOS 10.14. See their site for instructions. Then run
  sudo port install lilypond-devel
When checking that it works, update to MacOS 10.16. After that, the new default 
shell is zsh, so copy .bashrc to .zshrc, and hopefully the shells are 
compatible enough for that to work.

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