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Re: gub targets + binary packages

From: Karlin High
Subject: Re: gub targets + binary packages
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 14:17:49 -0500
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On 10/22/2019 1:53 PM, Jonas Hahnfeld wrote:
(Does GUB really produce a

Yes, within a tar.bz2 archive.

Anyway, right now GUB is not using Python 3 for building LilyPond, so you need to manually copy the built Python 3.7.4 from GUB to your Mac.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. I'll look at that next.

./python --version

...and it said...

Python 2.6.6

So yeah, that's not correct. But until now GUB should have built Python 2.4.5, so where is version 2.6.6 coming from?

Unless a long-time LilyPond developer can answer, we won't easily find out.

Now, my knowledge of LilyPond is pretty variable. Especially the inner workings of the macOS distribution.
Karlin High
Missouri, USA

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