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Re: make check is broken (again) - patch testing seeming to taking more

From: James
Subject: Re: make check is broken (again) - patch testing seeming to taking more of my time than I like
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 09:13:14 +0000
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On 26/10/2019 09:37, Jonas Hahnfeld wrote:

I already debugged this, and assuming you don't have tidy installed (I
don't have either), please apply first.


Sorry, I don't care.

I still cannot do make-check this morning based on current master.

Look everyone, I thought we had a defined process here - we should not be 'fixing as we go'. Either master works or it doesn't as far as I am concerned.

If it doesn't then it is up to the devs to decide if they are going to revert master/staging so we can test *other* patches, or if a fix is done (without me testing) and it is pushed to staging and then merged immediately - assuming whoever is running patchymerge is doing it properly - so I can continue to test based on current master.

My role is not to dance about broken master branches or apply this or that patch to broken staging/master so that other devs, who have patches in the queue 'now', have to wait until that fix is counted down and pushed before I can test their patches.

So please fix staging/master - whoever, again I don't really care. That is not my responsibility. I just run build commands to test patches and make sure the reg test diffs (if there are any) are OK visually or not. I am just a glorified administrator that tries to keep track of patches so that developers can get on developing.

So no patch testing again today either (at least from me anyway)


P.S. Also if 'Tidy' is a 'requirement' then make sure it is not listed in the 'please consider installing..' section that 'configure' spews out,  but that it actually is listed in the requirements and make sure, either way it is documented in the CG.

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