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Re: Internal Error (overlap) for some fonts when running make

From: James
Subject: Re: Internal Error (overlap) for some fonts when running make
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 12:16:16 +0000
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On 05/11/2019 12:06, David Kastrup wrote:
James <address@hidden> writes:


Now that Dan has made default make commands 'terser' I am noticing
while building our fonts that I see quite a few 'errors' that look
like this:

Internal Error (overlap) in clefs.petrucci.c5_change: Winding number
did not return to 0 when x=25.9951
Internal Error (overlap) in clefs.petrucci.c5_change: monotonic is
both needed and unneeded
(22.1885,310.434)->(25.9951,304.135). x=25.9951 (prev=8.40259)

Of course they have 'always' (probably) been there - I don't want to
claim anything like a regression.

But do we need to care?
The first is pretty typical for Metafont/Metapost fonts, affecting
cusps.  The latter looks like there might be a logic error in the
programming for a variable called "monotonic".  Fixing those kinds of
bugs would improve confidence in the font creation instructions, but the
real test is whether people complain about the look of the resulting

Well I see that fontforge has the ability to 'fix' a font using whatever clever automatic means it has been programmed with via it's own interface. I was going to just 'blast' the fonts with this 'automatic fixing' purely for my own curiosity than an actual 'considered' patch :) but when I tried to point the interface to 'fonts' inside my lilypond_git repo, it said it could not find any - because I hadn't built them I guess (see how I don't know what I am doing?!). While I am sure Werner et al are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads, I wondered if it is possible to take a built font and 'fix' it and then get the code of it back into my git repo to make a diff/patch for my curiosity, but it wasn't immediately obvious how I'd do that.

I am sure my time could be better spent but this is what keeps me interested in helping with a piece of software I don't actually use anymore :D but being more interested in the internals of maintaining and patching/fixing a large piece of codebase.


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