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Re: Make has_interface work with a const Grob * (issue 573210043 by addr

From: jonas . hahnfeld
Subject: Re: Make has_interface work with a const Grob * (issue 573210043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2019 10:34:30 -0800

On 2019/11/04 21:07:59, Dan Eble wrote:
This patch incites strong déjà vu.  I've vaguely concerned that some
uses of "const" are possibly misleading, and this patch is then
possibly just
building on an unstable foundation.  I haven't formed a very good
sense of what
C++ constness ought to signal where C++ meets Scheme structures.

I've pointed out one place where const is casted away so that a Scheme
can lazily initialize a Grob property--rather, IIUC, where a Scheme
can do whatever it wants to any of the Grob's properties, including
the expected
lazy initialization.

I agree that these type of casts are odd, but I think the problem
already existed before this patch. The whole point of this one is that
internal_has_interface can be marked const and it's not violating

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