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Working on issue 665, how to proceed?

From: lilypond
Subject: Working on issue 665, how to proceed?
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 00:31:33 +0100

In the last weeks I did write a start of a lilypond -> musicxml solution.


What I have written so far is creating musicxml files which contains all
partials time signatures, keys, notes, slurs, ties, staffs and staff
grouping, as well as support for most accidentals, barlines, lyrics, beams,
tupplets, forced linebreaks and pagebreaks.  There is partial support for
tempo (only <note>=bps ). Also most header information  (title, composer
etc) is put in the xml document

What not is handled graceful is NullVoice (is just added to the staff).


Fermata, CueVoice, Figured bass, stems, repeat endings, special noteheads
are not handled at all (at this moment).

Also (apart from line end page breaks) no engraving information is added to
the musicxml


Anyone who is interested in the code can have a look at
<> in the branch musicxml


You only need musicxml.scm xml-library.scm and

Then you can include in your, and put a line \musicxml
\mycomplexmusic in it The music can be the total expression as you put it
normally in a score, including staffs, staffgoups, lyrics etc.


As this is an (old) issue, there is need to put this in lilypond, but how?
What level of quality is needed? Who can help me to join the lilypond
developer group?






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