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Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2019 18:10:22 +0100
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Am Samstag, den 16.11.2019, 21:52 +0100 schrieb David Kastrup:
> Carl Sorensen <
> address@hidden
> > writes:
> > Dear Team,
> > 
> > It seems to me like we are pretty much in shape such that we should
> > release 2.20.  I'd be fine if we called 2.19.83-1 the 2.20 release,
> > even if there are some critical regressions.  2.19.83 is SO much
> > better than 2.18.2.
> > 
> > IIUC, the only thing 2.20 is waiting on is for David K. to cherry-pick
> > some patches.  Is that correct?
> And putting out a new prerelease to be sure that those are ok, and
> waiting for the translators to catch up with cherry-picked patches
> containing stuff to be translated.
> But the current roadblock is David K. cherry-picking some patches.  Here
> is a remaining list (not completely up to date with current master,
> though not missing much) to check for possible inclusion (assuming I
> have not overlooked something important pickable in the sequence
> before).  If you see something important here (or something not in
> current master), put in a word for it.

Thanks for the list of candidates, I processed around half of it for
now (+ some dependencies as mentioned below).
All commits that I think should be "picked" are also readily available
in my branch origin/dev/hahnjo/stable-2.20. Let me know if those are ok
and I can easily push to stable/2.20.

> ef2cc5e684 Issue 5471/1: Add `indent' parameter to `sane_putenv'
> d6428b77b6 Issue 5471/2:, Improve relocation debug 
> messages
> 19da23977f Issue 5471/3: Don't use double forward slashes in 
> file names

I wouldn't pick these three: It's for better debuggability and
additionally adds translatable messages.

> 88980c4f92 Fix #5474: progerror when creating an undefined grob


> 0f5c046811 Functions to invert chords or drop/rise chord notes
> 6f1cf6c2b5 Add regtest for chord inversions and voicings

I think that's a new feature, should not be picked IMO.

> ddef2aa7b6 Issue 5472/1: yaffut.hh: Fix compilation warning
> e37310a8e9 Issue 5472/2: flower/ Fix canonical file name 
> representation


> 3bd7050543 Issue 5468: Various fixes

I've picked 385ed0864c (" Formatted to blend with
other lilypond Python scripts") first to ease cherry-picking.

> 0deb785f64 Update texinfo.tex from Texinfo git master branch

not sure about this one...

> cb1963c46a Web: update online editors section.


> 965a607096 Fix #1367: NoteNames context in any language

not sure, has quite some changes in lily/ and scm/

> ed86e71eb0 Use "simple strings" rather than #"hash-prefixed Scheme strings"

not sure: It's a very large commit, mostly in Documentation/ and
input/, but also in ly/...

> 3aeb41c27f Command line help: -o option takes either FILE or FOLDER as arg.

Picked 92d7477bf7 (" Fix typo (`-O size', not `-O speed')" and
139f0ce98d (" Fix `--help' output.") first and then this one.

> e94db23e6c C++ cleanup : get rid of some compilation warnings

looks small enough to take, but doesn't apply cleanly due to other

> 804faebc79 Issue 5481/1:, Minor code clean-up
> 7200d7365b Issue 5481/2: running.itely: Document relocation
> e9c082d4d4 Issue 5481/3: flower/ Better handling of `.' and `..'
> f0c3e7461e Issue 5481/4: Rewrite relocation algorithm

hmm, the last commit claims it's "much easier to follow", but I'm not
sure it's actually fixing an issue?

> 5eb848b59b Issue 5484: set doubleRepeatType fallback to default
> b05de1da2a pitches.itely: Fix typos and improve look of accidental name 
> tables.
> dceebb052f Website: use VERSION_DEVEL rather than MAJOR.MINOR
> 5eb392ddd5 Issue 5485: avoid -Wsequence-point warning
> cdfb8f3fd3 Do not build PDFs from the website Texinfo sources - issue 5482
> 3ba581df6a Issue 5490: fix for wrong clefs.varC_change

all picked.

> 2afb45bd85 Issue 5489/1: improve prall glyphs

It says "fix erroneous shape of pralldown/prallup" in the commit
description, not sure if we want to pick this...

> 56942ccc5f Issue 5489/2: rename trilelement → trillelement

Sounds like a typo fix that potentially breaks code that worked in
earlier unstable releases?

> 1284c743b0 Issue 5487/1: add very short and Henze fermatas
> 77b98cbbc6 Issue 5487/2: add new fermatas to Changes doc

AFAICS that's a new feature, not picked.

> 5a88042cc8 Scripts: Removed references to gmane
> 879f5b1da5 Doc: NR 4.2.2 - remove deprecated @knownissue
> a99f7f83c8 Doc: Usage - Invoking Musicxml2ly - add missing switches

all picked.

> 19677c83b0 run for previous commits

This mentions commits 78225bc1b3 ("Chord names clean-up [...]") and
ed86e71eb0 ("Use "simple strings" rather than #"hash-prefixed Scheme
strings""), see above.

> 464cf0d811 Fix #687: Include MIDI swing script in default distribution

new feature, not picked.

> 13dc8b9c72 Issue 5498: Revert "Merge branch 'issue4914'"


> a39c23d554 Release: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
> 941dfa8bed Release: update news.
> 54de6a24c5 Release: bump Welcome versions.

Do we need these in stable/2.20?

> 1b1b06dbc7 NR: Document usage of \change at beginning of staff.


> 45dedd482d Add warning message for unknown code in fret-diagram-verbose
> 6508284378 Clean up problems with fret-diagram-terse markups
> 0e6f55bb17 Change hardcoded pair to cons call for return -- remove ugh comment

all picked, I think these are small enough and add warnings to existing

> 64a61d9b5d Doc: extending: Fix after-line-breaking example.
> c05184b3ff CG: Typo for British and American English locales
> c415cb98c3 Issue 5502: NR: Add many function index entries

all picked

> e0d597aed3 Typo in \oval docstring
> 0f047e3514 Fix German quarter tone pitch names.
> f3d46cd65d Fix commit b05de1da2abe0a6d3e0eac8202ea45ba41ff47df.

all picked. The fixed commit mentioned in the last one is actually from
above, so I think we should take both (or none)

> 9c0e1363ac Issue #5506: Add tremolo stem support to \cueDuring

Looks like a small new "feature", not picked for now.

> 9d9dc55729 Issue 5501: Avoid failed assertion in stem tremolo code
> 3008803555 Doc: NR added @knownissue re midi block with polymetric notation

both picked.

> db818c1220 ly: Adding

looks like a new feature?

> f4e30857e1 Doc: Usage - Better description of -dcrop in Usage chapter 1.2

I would propose to pick the following commits (in that order):
a6553e3cde Issue 5451: running.itely: Revise documentation of basic command 
line options
03f91e47a2 Issue 5452: running.itely: Revise documentation of -d command line 
f3f2b9d3d1 running.itely: Minor fixes for command line option documentation.
f4e30857e1 Doc: Usage - Better description of -dcrop in Usage chapter 1.2

(The first resulted in conflicts because the branch has c7c6c948c9
which was not in master...)

> a7ef349f29 Doc: LM + NR - Typos \addlyrics and \lyricmode
> ed0212b1dc Doc: Internals - clarify stem-length is in half staff space units
> 03f78e3e7b Doc: NR - 2.10.2 - Arabic Music - improved example

all picked.

> c511518a4e makelsr run for previous commit

not if we should pick this commit or just run makelsr on the branch?

> d0730c389d Issue 5510 Add doc-string for allowVoltaHook
> bd05971b2a Issue 5509 Reflect new syntax in example of 
> define-grob-properties.scm
> 6ecee87252 Minor NR corrections.

all picked.

> 8d7c176b45 Issue 5511/1: add articulation support to MMRs
> 4424b153c0 Issue 5511/2: deprecate \fermataMarkup
> 453fa92e43 Issue 5511/3: update regression tests
> 200658ca20 Issue 5511/4: doc: NR and Changes
> 59284fa692 Issue 5511/5: doc: Update translated docs

looks like a new feature, not picked.

> e8ad7f0c78 Minor.
> ab8e7e4d89 Issue 5513: Avoid some crashes for bad "control-points" property

both picked.

> ff348fa75a Issue 5486/1: add very short/Henze fermata commands
> c9286e87ee Issue 5486/2: add fermata commands to NR

new feature, see above (commit 1284c743b0)

> a33f922e0f Pondings: fixed URL for Ben Lemon
> bc46cc1fef Documentation: elaborate NR `custom percussion’ section

both picked.

> 29c5443642 Issue 5519/1: Give NoteNames context an \alias Staff
> f669227b46 Issue 5519/2: fix regtest accidental-voice

I tend to say that these two should be picked as well, but not really
sure because I don't know the context...

> cfee7a3a26 Issue 5518 Document bound-details (sub-)properties in 
> line-spanner-cc for IR
> a53d6523dc lily/GNUmakefile: `sources.o' depends on `parser.hh'
> e71c3c2725 Issue 5523: add `-Wno-sequence-point' to g++ CFLAGS for Guile 1.8

all picked.

> 1272e45b49 Issue 5526 Add ly version to

not relevant unless we pick 464cf0d811, see above.

> f9fe10bde4 Doc: NR - 2.10 World Music Turkish Classical additions

not relevant unless we pick db818c1220, see above.

> 77b2c39186 Makelsr for previous commit

see previous commit

> 2513916bed Web: 'Productions' - introduction.itexi additions and corrections

picked 844e8cda13 ("Web: update Productions list (Issue #5445)") first
to avoid conflicts.

So much for now. The result of all "picked" commits (also in branch
origin/dev/hahnjo/stable-2.20) passes a full build, check and doc.


> 0e1eeb7838 aclocal.m4: Whitespace and formatting.
> bc4f5fdc29 Add glib-2.0 and gobject-2.0 library dependency
> 4cc884ee09 ly: - minor edit to sultaniyegah
> 189cfb95ea Doc: NR 2.9 Ancient Notation - add verbatim to @lilypond example 
> for custodes
> 00b4c4c757 Doc: NR - expressive.itely - accidentals for naturals using 
> pitched trills
> 03f4723afc Issue 5520/1: Improvements to \ambitusAfter
> 2b52bc2bf1 Issue 5520/2: add \ambitusAfter to Changes
> 17d3d3a151 Issue 4362/1: head completion uses dotted breves
> 49f41bf1c6 Issue 4362/2: add regtest
> 47f74e11cf Doc: Use new syntax throughout all doc and examples
> 1d4717d0db NR: 2.10 Arabic Music - inlcude references to
> 7ecc24c5e8 Issue #5524 New function css-color (accompanying x11-color)
> 53739c0ae6 Issue 5303 - Misplaced Notehead
> 3300acdd8d Issue 5532/1: \ottava doesn’t confuse ambitus
> 04a0052411 Issue 5532/2: add regtest
> c5f63d33bf Add tex/txi-pt.tex
> 77b816a48f Issue 5535: Build logging: Improve METAFONT tracing
> 7583351fbf Optimize tree.gittxt messages
> ebc35cb7b6 web:development: Make Release Numbers more current
> 34a114b835 Revert "Optimize tree.gittxt messages"
> b62d62e402 Optimize tree.gittxt messages (v 2)
> 39c9d91c46 Fix bug
> a77f387207 Fix / Python 2.4.5 incompatibility
> 3f0b5c61a7 Issue 5541: treat CENTER in Side_position_interface::aligned_side
> 42c45c5dfc Web: update old links to Ben Lemon tutorials
> cf600cc6f8 mf/README: Describe creation of Emmentaler fonts.
> 6b789abd46 ly: hel-arabic - comment out Sahnaz entry
> 2165edafc5 Issue 5551/1: better indexing support
> 1eed54e8ff Issue 5551/2: improve generated documentation
> 714792a1eb Issue 5552/1: HOWTO.index: new guide for creating index entries
> b2799c1823 Issue 5552/2: NR: complete revision of all index entries
> 227fac3a04 We now need texinfo 6.1 or newer.
> e926c294e3 Issue 5553: fix handling of @lilypond[verbatim]
> 89036755a7 Replace by SourceForge
> 805e6ef94c Completely revised.
> be39d353b7 Rename `Stockhausen_Klavierstueck2' to 
> `stockhausen-klavierstueckII'.
> a6f8381ea4 stockhausen-klavierstueckII: Completely rewritten.
> 1d3105fce4 run-and-check: Show output directory in case of error.
> 0457814df4 string-tunings-init: Fix typo in Banjo tuning.
> 4402d6c545 Issue 5555/1: reorder checks in add_post_events for efficiency
> eed07c3e54 Issue 5555/2: add_post_events: check for time-scaled-music 
> explicitly
> ab3b23941f Issue 5555/3: TimeScaledMusic should not be music-wrapper-music
> c2b424f9f8 Remove old
> 71c4990e47 run-and-check: Display correct log file directory.
> 9bef63308f Issue 5557: Remove spurious '% begin verbatim' in 
> Documentation/snippets/new
> 1d255547ba Run scripts/auxiliar/
> 3064ac9d3d Issue 5558/1: NR: add many index entries for snippets
> 7930d8777e Issue 5558/2: NR: various minor corrections
> 09bc2e2ed7 Issue 5560: remove
> 2c2908c905 Issue 5563: make edges of brackets dashable
> 7e6a956625 Issue 5561/5562: slurs work without NoteHead stencil
> 476194c706 Issue 5559/1: Add user-definable ottava markups
> 608aa55988 Issue 5559/2: add regtest
> 6f319a862d Issue 5556/3: make OttavaBracket text default bold
> 2f1649830b Issue 5559/4: fix regression (ambitus with ottava)
> d9555cda14 Issue 5565: simplify python-related makefiles
> c95d96aa71 Typo.
> 058c7347c1 Improved and updated.
> 5674d4570d NR: add snippet to describe `NoteCollision.prefer-dotted-right'
> b7532cf6e6 Issue 5568: make build output terse by default
> cd11e1d06e Update python headers to match surrounding files
> fa6c70e39a Issue 5567: allow slurs instead of brackets with tuplets
> a6a6f019a9 Fix header variables from musicxml2ly on Windows
> 2d45d5247e Drop requirement for python-devel
> 75b16466ef Issue 5564: fix conversion warnings in beaming code
> 8ba40d3d69 Issue 5571: streamline cat | sed | sed
> 0c0a07a6d7 Issue #5574: fix compiler warnings
> 0d7744aad0 Issue 5572/1: Compile modified C++ files automatically before 
> testing
> 73aaa6d299 Issue 5572/2: Contributor's Guide updates
> 306fc6b509 Issue 5576: make output-distance less verbose by default
> ad3effb756 Check additional names for guile-config
> dbe42f9940 Issue 5583: don't mirror regtest baseline
> 014ec06a9f python: replace <> with !=
> 911788f173 Issue 5578: add a button to flip between old and new regtest images
> 2823ff0e87 Issue 5579: fix stem tremolo on rests crash
> 3903d2efc7 Issue 5577: scripts/build: Remove unused scripts
> > I'd really like to see us get something out as 2.20 by the first of
> > the year.  What can I do to help?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Carl
> > 
> > 

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