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Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 01:30:14 +0100

I would like to give whatever small contribution I can make to this without knowing so much on the technical levels; please do tell me whether I say below is considered helpful.

On 18.11.19 18:10, Jonas Hahnfeld wrote:
965a607096 Fix #1367: NoteNames context in any language
not sure, has quite some changes in lily/ and scm/

This seems like a new feature to me that shouldn’t be picked.

ed86e71eb0 Use "simple strings" rather than #"hash-prefixed Scheme strings"
not sure: It's a very large commit, mostly in Documentation/ and
input/, but also in ly/...

This seems pretty trivial and innocuous to me; also for a major release it is much desirable to uniformly adapt new syntax, I think.

2afb45bd85 Issue 5489/1: improve prall glyphs
It says "fix erroneous shape of pralldown/prallup" in the commit
description, not sure if we want to pick this...

IMO this is so much non-critical that it should only be picked if the change is very innocuous, which I can’t tell if it is.

9c0e1363ac Issue #5506: Add tremolo stem support to \cueDuring
Looks like a small new "feature", not picked for now.

Here I’d say this is not a new feature, but a bug fix, and the mechanisms used for the change are secure enough to pick it. Again, my 2cts.

Thanks for your efforts.

Best, Simon

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