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Re: create code tests

From: James
Subject: Re: create code tests
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 23:15:35 +0000
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On 28/11/2019 21:00, Dan Eble wrote:
On Nov 28, 2019, at 15:07, address@hidden wrote:

Is het possible to do this kind of tests in the current lilypond regression
test environment?

I don't have a comprehensive knowledge of LilyPond's tests, but I have worked 
on some of the infrastructure recently, so maybe I can help you.

As far as I am aware the 'tests' that LilyPond runs are basically using itself to compile the tests in the regression during test-baseline (and of course when you make doc) and then doing the same thing again when running make check except you get a visual difference by comparing png outputs between the two.

This is why you need a human to check any obviously poor differences rather than some minor adjustment because of, say, some spacing change.

With xml we don't such visual tests so I think that only the fact that they get compiled without complaint during test-baseline and check is enough.

At least that is how I understand it.


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