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LilyDev observations

From: lilypond
Subject: LilyDev observations
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 22:40:16 +0100

Hello developer community,



I had an old LilyDev system, I got errors when running ./configure.

So I decided to download a new image.


During this process I discovered a lot of issues in both documentation and
the product itself.


I am not sure if this is the right place to share my observations, but I do
it anyway:


Below I mention a lot of issues in the lilydev image and the documentation,
however this image is still far better, as installing all products by hand,
and find out why a configuration is not working!


At least for 4 years we can download only one flavor of the image: Debian.


In the documentation the image mentioned is 



*       Issue 1: bad file name in documentation


The real name is lilydev-debian-vm-0.3.img


This is minor, but especially the different file extension can be confusing.


The version is already 0.3 for years although the image is changed several


*       Issue 2: no version number change


According to the documentation we should select as version 'Fedora (64
bit)', however since we use an Debian image I think we better choose "Debian
64 bits"


*       Issue 3: bad choice in documentation


After booting, according to the documentation, we should change some
settings on the menu


*       Issue 4 menu is not bottom left, but top left
*       Issue 5 Preference is now called Settings
*       Issue 6 Documentation says default is US keyboard, however it is an
Italian keyboard !!


According to the documentation I should disable the screensaver, however, I
can not found that setting

*       Issue 7 QTerminal is not in System tools (is not installed at all),
but we can use Xfce terminal from System menu


Now installing the virtual box guest additions:

*       Issue 8 CD is not automounted, we have to mount it using sudo mount
/dev/cdrom /mnt


And then the guest additions will not install.

It needs the kernel headers for

Those are not installed, and are not available from Debian.


*       Suggestion: in the next release of lilydev include the kernel


So I have to install a new kernel


Sudo apt-get lnstall apt-get linux-image-amd64

And for the kernel headers

Sudo apt-get lnstall apt-get linux-headers-amd64


Reboot and: still in


Now comes the tricky part, before doing this shut down your machine, and
make a copy of your image!!


Sudo rm /boot/efi/55aa6561f8d74f2baf7279c3b099bc55/4.9.0-8-amd64/*

Sudo cp initrd.img-4.9.0-11-amd64

Sudo cp vmlinuz-4.9.0-11-amd64


Reboot, and it works.


I am sure there is a more elegant way, but after 8 hours of trying I decided
to use this way


Now we are booted in, we can mount the guest additions iso.

Sudo ./ does not work, but sudo ./ does.


Jaap de Wolff

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