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Re: Poster for music engraving conference

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Poster for music engraving conference
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 14:15:26 +0100
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Hi Jan-Peter,

that sounds like a very nice idea.

However, I'm so involved in the conference already (along with my other duties which are quite overwhelming right now) that I can't commit to that beyond maybe occasional commenting or helping out with some lyluatex syntax/options.

From what I see in this thread I have the impression that it's necessary that *someone* steps out, creates a repository and a basic file, having some confidence not to stay alone with the task.


Am 05.12.19 um 15:43 schrieb Jan-Peter Voigt:
Hi Werner, hi Bernhard, and especially Urs ;-),

what about using a LaTeX a0poster-template together with lyluatex? That
would make collaboration with GIT straightforward.
A quick search brought up these templates:

Though, the template(s) need some adaption to work with lualatex.

Even though my schedule is quite tight I would like to contribute.
I have obtained the permission from two publishers to use single
excerpts/pictures from the St.Mark passion (Ortus Berlin, I will talk
about it) and a contemporary score composed by Hermann Keller (Edition
Juliane Klein Berlin).


Am 04.12.19 um 12:05 schrieb Werner LEMBERG:

the music engraving conference in Salzburg (January 17.-19.) aims to
present as much note engraving programs as possible.  While some
companies send representatives (e.g., Dorico, Capella, Finale) – some
even with talks – we don't have something similar for LilyPond in the
main part of the conference.

Instead, we would like to have a poster (in A0 format) that shows how
LilyPond works, together with some showcase results.

Now my question: Are there people who are willing to produce such a
poster?  Has anyone already done something similar for other


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