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Re: Introduce breakingRehearsalMarks for line-breaking RehearsalMarks (i

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: Re: Introduce breakingRehearsalMarks for line-breaking RehearsalMarks (issue 577180043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2019 14:44:16 -0800

On 2019/12/07 17:48:07, Dan Eble wrote:

I have to prepare for a musical event tonight. I will probably be some
before I can review and understand your changes.

I've no problem to postpone this for while.

Please clarify whether you are using this for genuine rehearsal marks
(e.g. A,
B, C, ...) or whether you are expanding the abuse of RehearsalMarks to
another need.

This patch makes it possible to write two marks at a line-break, one at
the end of a line, the other at start of the new line. This works for
_all_ kinds of RehearsalMark: default rehearsal mark, specific rehearsal
mark and ad-hoc mark (as you called them).
So far it doesn't "expand" the abuse of RehearsalMark, but hopefully
simplifies it. Ofcourse there are other workarounds available in LSR and
on the mailing-list, though I like the user-interface, accepting imho
most naive use-input.

In one of your linked patches, you define a new grob, DepartureMark. I
already thought about something along these lines: we currently have
MetronomeMark and RehearsalMark, a new one accepting text only wouldn't
be wrong. Though I'd called it TextMark not DepartureMark, it is more
general imho, because not all text may be departure instructions.
Though, iiuc this new grob doesn't include the ability to be printed
differently at line-end/start, but the here proposed function could do
so (with small modifications).

I have some stale patches related to rehearsal marks that I have been
hoping to
return to after fixing compiler warnings.

There was one that split the mark event into three classes reflecting
   * default rehearsal mark (automatic sequence number)
   * specific rehearsal mark (user-provided sequence number)
   * ad-hoc mark (all kinds of abuse)

There was another that added a new \depart command for marks like
"D.C." and
"Coda" so that we wouldn't need to continue abusing rehearsal marks
for those.

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