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Re: Introduce breakingRehearsalMarks for line-breaking RehearsalMarks (i

From: nine . fierce . ballads
Subject: Re: Introduce breakingRehearsalMarks for line-breaking RehearsalMarks (issue 577180043 by address@hidden)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2019 09:25:24 -0800

On 2019/12/07 22:44:16, thomasmorley651 wrote:

In one of your linked patches, you define a new grob, DepartureMark. I
thought about something along these lines: we currently have
MetronomeMark and
RehearsalMark, a new one accepting text only wouldn't be wrong. Though
called it TextMark not DepartureMark, it is more general imho, because
not all
text may be departure instructions.

Adding a type for jumps (as I think we agreed to call them later in the
review) is
important because as a group, they should be styled differently than
marks, depending on the kind of score: above the staff in a vocal part,
below in
an instrumental part, and with different alignment and
break-positioning.  The
question is then, would you want all TextMarks to follow along when
"D.C." etc.
are moved?  I think you might just want to have RehearsalMark and
each with a clear primary purpose, and provide ways to stretch the use
of either.

Though, iiuc this new grob doesn't include the ability to be printed
at line-end/start, but the here proposed function could do so (with

I'm starting to look at your change now.

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